Natural Bicolor Kyanite Beads Lay Flat 14mm to 30mm Lengths 4206

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Natural Bicolor Kyanite
Blue, Green
Long Teardrop, Lay Flat
14mm to 30mm long, 4mm to 8mm wide
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Per 16" Strand

Natural Bicolor Kyanite Beads Lay Flat 16mm to 30mm Lengths

Natural bicolor Kyanite polished and hewn to bring out the iridescent reflective shimmer and bright blue to green colors with the color and look of Paraiba Blue Tourmaline. These A Grade Blue Green Natural Kyanite Beads come in flat teardrop shapes similar to the long crystal forms of Kyanite. They are between 14mm and 30mm long and can be 4mm wide up to 10mm wide. The flat teardrop beads are around 2-4mm thick and the hole is sent through the edge so that they lay flat when strung. Please allow a 1mm variance in size up or down from the sizes given, and occasional outliers because these are natural crystals. Don't pay high prices for just a few beads, these are priced per strand for maximum affordability. These Natural Kyanite Crystal Beads are a far cut above the average choices and will elevate your designs to instant classics.

Priced per 16" inch Strand.