Natural Amber Beads High Grade Flat Nuggets 6mm to 11mm Wide 0217

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Natural Amber
6mm up to 11mm wide
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18" Strand

Natural Amber Beads High Grade Flat Nuggets 6mm to 11mm

Natural Amber Beads with high grade clarity and deep color. Gazing into these beads is like gazing into the past and you might run into an ancient inclusion stuck in the amber long ago. The gemmy natural amber is finished with a perfect polish and the light just dances through these shimmering beauties. A perfect size for earrings and necklaces. The beads vary in size along the strand between 6mm up to 12mm wide. These nuggets are flatter than they are wide which makes for great texture. Check the photos closely to get a good idea of the size variance. Sold on 18" strands for the best value. These Natural Amber Beads create elegant, desirable color schemes and the best part; they are natural gemstones made by mother nature!