Native American Feather Dangle Silver Casting 1.63" Length 6016

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Sterling Silver

Native American Feather Dangle 1-5/8"

These Native American Feather Dangles are just like the owl or eagle feathers on traditional Native American crafts and apparel. This Sterling feather dangle is 1-5/8" long by 11mm wide. It's topped with an eyelet for hanging as a dangle on your jewelry creations. Average weight of one feather is 2.7g all Sterling Silver. The pair you will receive includes a left and right orientation, they mirror each other. You will receive one of each orientation, 5.4g total. If you need a different combination of left and rights just give us a call to order whatever you need. We have a wide variety of Native American Feather Dangle designs perfect for earrings, pendants and more.