Large Turquoise Disc Beads Irregular Flat Nuggets 10mm 5008

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Real Turquoise
Turquoise Type:
Irregular Disc Beads
Product Size:
Average 10mm width
Sold as:
Per 16" Strand

Large Turquoise Disc Beads Irregular Flat Nuggets 10mm

A Turquoise Lover's dream come true, these strands of Large Turquoise Disc Beads are composed of flat nuggets with undulating wavy shapes and brilliant color. They're highlighted with an even distribution of chocolate caramel matrix which gives them a ton of character. The irregular widths and thicknesses create a lively and earthy vibe. They average about 10mm wide, but there is lots of variation and can be 4mm wider or 2mm narrower from bead to bead. The flat nugget beads also range between 2mm and 5mm thick. The strand is 16" long. Like almost all Turquoise beads, they are stabilized to prevent reacting to the environment and preserve the color. Jewelry made from these Large Turquoise Disc Beads will be flying out the door, you'll wish you had more!

Priced per 16" Strand.