Large Tiger's Eye Beads Oval 25mm x 18mm A Grade 0327

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Tiger's Eye
A Grade
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25mm x 18mm Oval
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Per 16" Strand Approx. 16 beads

Large Tiger's Eye Beads Oval 25mm x 18mm A Grade

The broad oval surfaces of these Large Tiger's Eye Beads show off the optical effect and color of A grade Tiger's Eye perfectly. The golden honey color is cream of the crop and the chatoyance effect, which is the name given to the reflective hologram play of light within Tiger's Eye, is really strong in these high grade beads. These large ovals are 25mm long x 18mm wide and the 1.8mm hole is drilled through the long side. Sizes like these are fairly rare so don't miss your chance on these beauties. These high Grade Tiger's Eye Beads are full of that mesmerizing effect which brings something a little different to beaded creations. A nature made stone with amazing properties like these Large Tiger's Eye Beads are always going to be a favorite.

Priced per 16" strand.