Large Spiny Oyster Cabochons Natural Shell A Grade Red Oval 13x18mm 0061

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Natural Spiny Oyster Shell
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Large Spiny Oyster Cabochons Natural Shell A-Grade Red Oval 13x18mm

Bold and beautiful, these Large Spiny Oyster Cabs will add extra interest and a depth of color to your next project. Harvested from the Sea of Cortez for food and for the shells, they are a sustainable addition to jewelry and have been used by Native peoples for centuries. They are shaped and polished to bring out the nature-made striations and orange hue variations. Often featured in southwest jewelry, Spiny is great on its own but also partners well with turquoise, coral and other gems. Since they are in high demand and difficult to harvest in the ocean depths, availability can be limited in this size. Take this opportunity to add Red Spiny Oyster Cabs and a beautiful pop of color to your next work of art.

Price per cab $3.50, Minimum Order 2 cabs