Large Serpentine Beads Chunky Beveled Square Slabs 30mm 0040

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Size and Shape:
30mm x 30mm x 10mm thick Beveled Square
Strand Size:
16 inch, about 10 beads
Sold as:
Per Strand

Large Serpentine Beads Chunky Beveled Square Slabs 30mm

Large Serpentine Beads with beveled square shapes and olive green color. Also known as new jade, they have soft sculpted curves that catch the light at certain angles. Serpentine is prized for channeling or freeing up the Kundalini energy, the coiled up divine energy at the base of our spine. For this reason, it is said to have many metaphysical healing properties which is a plus if your going to wear them as a necklace anyway! The beveled square shapes are 30mm by 30mm and 10mm thick. These Large New Jade Serpentine Beads will make amazing chunky jewelry that will get noticed and turn heads.

Priced per 16" Strand, about 10 beads.