Large Natural Mediterranean Coral Beads Graduated Freeform Nuggets 18" Strand 0013

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Mediterranean Coral
Natural Coral
Freeform Nuggets
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18" Strands

Large Natural Mediterranean Coral Beads Freeform Nuggets 18" Strand

Nothing ordinary about these! The size, the texture, and the natural color make these Natural Mediterranean Coral Beads a rare opportunity. The polished Coral reds wrap around white and gray sections with jaw dropping forms and gemmy hardness. This reddish-orange is the absolute best compliment to Turquoise! The free form coral nuggets have a large range of variation in size and shape. Each strand is different with beads as small as 10mm long on the ends and the larger beads in the 20mm to 30mm range. These variations are perfect for creating pueblo style necklaces with the old world, ancient vibe. Each Strand is 18" long, some strands have a more consistent size throughout and some are more graduated with larger beads at the center. Call if you have a preference and we'll do our best to find a strand that perfect for you. Oh the places you will go with these Red Coral Beads... your customers will love it!