Large Green Turquoise Potato Beads 10mm x 12mm 30" Strands 5182

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Real Turquoise
Turquoise Type:
Potato Beads
10mm x 12mm
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Per 30" Strand

Large Green Turquoise Potato Beads 10mm x 12mm

High grade Aqua Green Turquoise nuggets have been shaped into large Green Turquoise Potato Beads. The potato shapes have a natural, slightly free-form quality with a high grade glassy polish. They are mostly 10mm long to 12mm long with plenty of variation provided by mother nature. See the photos to get a good idea of the variation that can be expected from strand to strand. These beads are strung on 30" long strands making them a great value. Like most Turquoise beads, they are stabilized to prevent reacting to the environment and preserve the color. Jewelry made from these Green Turquoise Potato Beads will be hard to resist!

Priced per 30" Strand. Limited Availability in this size and color.