High Grade Lapis Rondelle Beads 6mm 0343

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Lapis Lazuli
Rondelle Bead
6mm x 4mm
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Per 16" Strand

High Grade Lapis Rondelle Beads 6mm

Deep blues with flecks of pyrite give the feeling of looking at the evening sky after the stars have come out just before the sky goes black. These Natural Lapis Beads have the ever popular Rondelle bead shape, and the royal blues are so lush! The polished pyrite inclusions shine out from the deep blue color. These 6mm x 4mm Lapis Rondelles are consistent in size, especially the width, but please allow for the occasional .5mm variance from the sizes given. Recently, Lapis has elevated to a higher status among gemstones as it's demand continues to soar while the high-grade quality becomes more scarce. The jewelry they become will be quick sellers as everyone is trying to find quality Lapis pieces. With an intense color and an ocean-like depth, these Faceted Lapis Rondelle Beads make breath-taking jewelry.

Priced per 16" Strand.