Genuine Turquoise Beads Bisbee Blue Nuggets 11x14mm 16" Strands 5049

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Genuine Turquoise
Turquoise Type:
Freeform Smooth Nugget
11mm x 14mm average
Sold as:
Per 16" Strand, approx. 30-33 beads

Genuine Turquoise Beads Bisbee Blue Nuggets 12x14mm 16" Strands

These beauties are the cream of the crop! Deep Blue Turquoise Beads with a striking mix of rich blues and dark, spiderwebbing matrix reminiscent of the famed Bisbee variety. The dark matrix is often a little reddish brown and include occasional shiny pyrite inclusions. This assortment of the best qualities Turquoise has to offer are distributed along the 16" strands evenly and each is ready to become a necklace. They're stabilized to preserve the color like most Turquoise beads. On average, the free-form nuggets are 11mm wide x 14mm long but some are 10mm wide and some are larger. The largest bead we found is 12mm x 15mm. Please allow for for some variation in the natural shape and check the photos closely. Deep Blue Turquoise Beads of this quality are hard to find, especially at this price, and with a limited availability these wont last long!

Priced per 16" strand, approximately 30-33 beads, get them while supplies last.