Gemmy Natural Kingman Turquoise Rounded Nugget Beads 7mm 5198

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Turquoise Type:
Natural Turquoise
Product Type:
7mm Nuggets

Gemmy Natural Kingman Turquoise Rounded Nugget Beads 7mm

WOW, some of the nicest Natural Kingman Turquoise Beads we've seen. High grade natural bright blue nuggets lightly tumbled into organic rounded forms with the perfect polish that only high grade natural stone can get. They are cold to the touch at room temperature, a characteristic of real gemstones. These are 100% natural and not stabilized or treated in any way. The gemmy Turquoise nuggets have a splendid caramel matrix with some pyrite mineral and light colored inclusions. These rounded Kingman nuggets are on average 7mm wide by 7mm to 10mm long. Each bead varies, see the photos to get a good idea of the variation to expect along the strand. Sold on 16" strands. Don't settle for anything but the best, these Natural Kingman Turquoise Nugget Beads are the elite of Turquoise beads.