Burmese Ruby Inlay Chips 1/4 Pound Lot 2909

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Rough Rubies
Burma (Myanmar)
Chips for Inlay
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1/4 Pound Lot

Burmese Ruby Inlay Chips 1/4 Pound Lot

These Burmese Ruby Inlay Chips create and iridescent flash of light and color that's seldom seen when used as chip inlay! A rare opportunity for inlay artists, add the brilliant color of Ruby gemstones to you work. It compliments Turquoise nicely and the internal crystal structures reflect and refract light in prismatic ways. Just like our variety of Turquoise chips, these Ruby chips will work in jewelry inlay, furniture inlay, blown glass and a wide variety of other art forms. These are ground even and small the way our inlay artist prefer. See photo with dime for size reference. The last photo is an example of this Ruby's quality and color when inlaid into a Sterling Silver Ring. These Burmese Ruby Chips are sold per 1/4 pound.

Product is photographed wet to show color (the ring is dry).