A Grade Turquoise Beads Freeform Round 6mm x 8mm 5112

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Vintage Turquoise
Kingman, AZ
Turquoise Type:
Stabilized Turquoise
7mm x 8mm Nugget Beads
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Per 16" Strand

A Grade Turquoise Beads Freeform Round 6mm x 8mm

The uniformity of the deep color in these strands of A Grade Turquoise Beads is rare and priceless! Polished to a high shine, these are edge-cut, old-school beauties mined in the 1960’s or 70’s. Natural, high-grade, and ready to be strung into a gorgeous necklace, at these prices, why settle for just one? Only 8 strands available! Get them while you can! Thanks to original stabilization, the color will last forever, but the availability of these Turquoise Beads won't... especially at this price!

Priced per 16" Strand. Limited Availability.