8-Ply Leather Bolo Tie Cord Black 42" Length 1119

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Bolo Tie Cord
Genuine Leather
42" Inch
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8-Ply Leather Bolo Tie Cord Black 42" Length

A robust full thickness Bolo Cord for those impressive, large and in charge Bolo Ties that require more substantial support. These 8-Ply Leather Bolo Tie Cords are perfect for the job. Large Bolo Ties will wear far more comfortably and with more stability, not to mention that the thicker leather looks nicer with larger pieces. This thickness of Bolo Cord will dress up a wide range of Bolo Ties, even if they are not that large. Made from high-quality genuine black leather, they are tightly braided for that perfect finishing touch. Create your own neck-wear or use to replace your tired and worn out cords. Total length is 42" end to end. An ideal choice for heavier Sterling Silver and Turquoise Bolos, these 8-Ply Leather Bolo Tie Cords step up to the challenge when the thinner cords won't cut it.