7mm Sleeping Beauty Blue Turquoise Cabochons Round $2.50 each 0028

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Turquoise Type:
Clear Blue
Round Cabochons
Sold as:
20 stones package

Sleeping Beauty Blue Turquoise Cabochons Unbacked Round 7mm $2.50 each

Sleeping Beauty Blue Turquoise Cabochons in wholesale lots of 20 stones, only $2.50 each. These round cabs are a staple of Turquoise jewelry, they can be used in so many ways. They are a bright blue, seldom interrupted with inclusions of any sort. These genuine turquoise cabochons have a high grade blue of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise quality that varies only slightly in shade and saturation from stone to stone. They are 7mm round and about 3mm deep. They have no backing so you can be ensured that every dollar goes towards pure Turquoise. These high grade blue Round Turquoise Cabochons will match up easily and create a result you can count on!

Sold in packages of 20 cabs, only $2.50 each. The last photo is an example of a set of 20 stones.