18mm x 25mm Fossil Coral Beads 16 inch Long Strand 1609

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18mm x 25mm Fossil Coral Beads 16 inch Long Strand.

These Indian Jewelry Supply Fossil Coral Beads are the perfect thing to stock up on your jewelry stringing supplies. This sensational strand features gorgeous flat oval beads of genuine Fossil Coral. These beads are roughly 18mm by 25mm. Each Coral bead offers up plenty of beauty with its burst of natural earth tones. These heat treated Coral beads would look great on your beaded necklaces and chokers. They'd even do well on tennis bracelets. Let you imagination run wild. Each strand of this Coral is 16" long. And, you can order more than one, you can get as many as you want while supplies last of course.

There are four types of precious coral in Hawaii: black coral (Antipathidae), gold coral (Parazoanthidae), red or pink coral (Corallidae) and bamboo coral. Each of these has a different internal composition. Red and pink corals produce a calcite skeleton similar in hardness to ivory and pearls. Bamboo corals, on the other hand, produce a skeleton composed partially of calcite and partially of protein that is similar to the keratin in your fingernails. These alternating bands of material resemble a bamboo stalk; thus the corals' name. In Hawaii, black corals are found in 100-300 ft. of water, shallow enough to harvest using scuba equipment. Many harvesters, however, have died in pursuit of coral trees at the deep end of this range. Red, gold and bamboo coral are found between 1,000 and 1,500 ft; so harvesting is conducted with remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) or submarines.