12mm Black Lava Beads 16 in Strand 4505

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Black Lava Beads
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Per 16" Strand

12mm Black Lava Beads 16 in Strand

These 12mm Black Lava Beads are not the average quality that you often see. Some may see the cracks of these beads as flaws, but the real beauty is in these imperfections! These bold bead strands are made from genuine Lava Rock. Also known as Basaltic Rock, it's formed from the rapid cooling of lava and the pockets and crevices are from gasses that become trapped in the rock as it cools. These Black Lava beads make for very interesting and eye-catching chunky beaded jewelry. They definitely stand out from your average smooth style of beads. We all have that part of our mind that desires to stand out from the rest. These 12mm Black Lava Beads will be the ones to bring out that bold creativity stored away in your imagination!

Priced Per 16" Strand.