Over 500 Carats Assorted Turquoise Cabs Sleeping Beauty Royston Kingman Bisbee 1168

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Various / Southwest U.S.
Over 500 carats
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500 Carats Assorted Turquoise Cabs

This lot of over 500 Carats Assorted Turquoise Cabs showcase the beauty and variety of what Turquoise has to offer! Make your choice (while they last)! Choose from Arizona, Royston, Birdseye Turquoise and more. The Arizona set includes vintage Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Kingman, Morenci and Bisbee. The Boulder set is from a variety of mines and are grouped together based on their vein patterns and spiderwebbing character of the mother stone. Sets 6 through 12 are really great. They are from an old stash purchased in 1985 and are a mix of Arizona Turquoise from that time. Kingman and Sleeping Beauty mostly, but may include Morenci and Bisbee. They're from Sterling's production Cabochons operation back then. Great color and matrix and as you can see, each varies. Polished and ready for a bezel set or even a wire wrap, the average sizes range from 3/8" to 1-1/4" in sets 1-5. This 500 Carats Assorted Turquoise Cabs lot would be a great addition to your jewelry shop!

YOU WILL RECEIVE ONE SET from the choices presented. Each set is sold individually and the price is per set. The photos are numbered, make your choice while supplies last! Select your choice from the drop-down menu before you add to cart. You will receive the exact stones pictured.