Faceted Oval Guacamole Turquoise Beads Size Varies 5425

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Green Turquoise
18mm x 23mm and 12mm x 15mm
Call to request a certain size
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Per strand

Faceted Oval Guacamole Turquoise Beads Large and Medium Sizes

Priced per strand. Limited Availability in certain sizes.

Festive Guacamole green Turquoise Beads in faceted oval shapes for bold and beautiful mother nature inspired beaded jewelry. These come in a range of sizes from a large 18mm x 23mm size to a medium 12mm x 15mm size. There is limited availability in each size, please call to request a specific size. Same price for all sizes. See the photo with a ruler to get a good idea of the size variation. They have a nice semi gloss polish with a good weight and feel. Add southwest flavor and earthy vibes to your beaded jewelry with our selection of Faceted Oval Turquoise Beads.