Diamond Shape Guacamole Green Turquoise Beads 15mm x 10mm 5413

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15mm x 10mm Diamond

Diamond Shape Guacamole Green Turquoise Beads 15mm x 10mm

These diamond shaped Guacamole Turquoise Beads have nice chocolate browns blending with the guacamole greens. Yes, these look a lot like guacamole dip when its been sitting out in the air for a little while but it still tastes just as good. A color scheme were very familiar with here in the southwest. When it comes to these beads the color combination is downright lovely. These diamond shapes average 15mm x 10mm size varies in each bead so expect to get a range of sizes within 5mm of the average, see the last photo with the ruler to get an good idea of what to expect. Add the flavor of the southwest to your jewelry designs with these Chunky Guacamole Green Turquoise Beads.