Vintage Arizona Turquoise Beads Old Stock Kingman Nuggets 10-15mm 5124

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Real Turquoise
Kingman, Arizona
70s - 80s
10mm - 15mm
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Per 12" Strand

Vintage Arizona Turquoise Beads OLD STOCK Kingman Nuggets 10-15mm

A Turquoise hoarder finally decided to relinquish these high-grade Vintage Turquoise Beads at the Tuscon Gem Show recently. We didn't have to think twice. Recognizing the old Kingman characteristics immediately, we new these were special! These old-stock Arizona Turquoise Nuggets have only-in-our-dreams deep blues with some rich blue-greens and amazing spiderweb texture and dark inclusions. This vintage stash has a stony, spiderwebbing matrix and has almost no pyrite which is ubiquitous in today's Turquoise. They are also strung on 12" strands. This is also another indication of their age as everyone has moved to 16" in the current era and this 12" size was more common in the 70's and 80's. Each strand contains some of the best Turquoise Mother Earth has - or has had - to offer. These Kingman nugget forms range from 10mm to 15mm and vary in size depending on their organic nugget shapes. Please allow for an occasional 1mm variance from the sizes given. Check the photos closely to get a good idea of size variation. These Vintage Arizona Turquoise Nugget Beads are a super rare opportunity and will make some of the finest turquoise jewelry out there!

Priced per 12" Strand.