Turquoise Magnesite Beads 16 inch Strand Large 10mm to 15mm Nuggets 5053

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Turquoise Beads 16 inch Strand Large 10mm to 15mm Nuggets.

These strands feature gorgeous nuggets of sleeping beauty blue, turquoise Magnesite. These Turquoise nuggets were hand drilled and are ready for stringing. These are approximately 10mm to 15mm long Turquoise nuggets, they're nuggets formed by Mother Nature so it's not a perfect measurement but it's pretty close. These are the best selling Turquoise nuggets on the reservation. This is perfect for anyone who wants to create their own jewelry. Turquoise jewelry is high in fashion this season. Each nugget of this beautiful Turquoise delivers a gorgeous display of natural cool colors making each nugget unique. Just like snowflakes, no two Turquoise nuggets are exactly alike. And, you can order as many strands as you want while supplies last. Just let us know what you need. These Turquoise nugget strands are each approximately 16" long.

In Indian folklore it is said that there was once a chief with turquoise colored skin. One day he was running from his enemies in the hot desert. Whenever he stopped to rest, his perspiration ran onto the ground, collected in rocks and became turquoise.

There are many legends about Turquoise; The Pima consider it to bring good fortune and strength and that it helped overcome illness. The Zuni believe that blue turquoise was male and of the sky and green turquoise was female and of the earth. Pueblo Indians thought that its color was stolen from the sky. In Hopi legend the lizard who travels between the above and the below, excretes turquoise and that the stone can hold back floods. The Apache felt that turquoise on a gun or bow made it shoot straight. The Navajo consider it as good fortune to wear and believe it could appease the Wind Spirit.