Turquoise Magnesite Beads 16 inch Long Strand 9mm x 22mm 5061

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9mm by 22mm Turquoise Magnesite Beads 16 inch Long Strand.

Wholesalers and crafters, this one is for you. This strand features gorgeous beads of Turquoise Magnesite. These Magnesite beads were hand drilled and are ready for stringing. These are 9mm by 22mm beads. They are hand cut beads so the measurements may slightly vary. This is perfect for anyone who wants to create their own jewelry. Each bead of this beautiful Turquoise colored Magnesite delivers a gorgeous display of dyed cool blue colors and an earth tone matrix making each one unique. Just like snowflakes, no two stones are exactly alike. You can order as many strands as you want while supplies last. Just let us know what you need. These strands are each approximately 16" long.