Turquoise Flats Rough Nuggets Dark Green Blue 1 Pound Lot 0063

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Real Turquoise
Flat Nuggets
Dark Green Blue
Sonoran Gold
1/4" up to 1"
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1 pound lot

Turquoise Flats Rough Nuggets Dark Green Blue 1 Pound Lot

High grade color and hardness make these Turquoise Flats a premium choice. Critical to certain Turquoise projects and jewelry making, these rough Turquoise flats make cabbing easy, and also make eye-catching beads. Turquoise flats form in flat crevices and veins which can be difficult to separate from the host rock. Luckily, the host rock is occasionally more crumbly and the flat nuggets can break away cleanly, providing a gemstone with a unique profile. The flat shapes lend themselves to interesting and beautiful concepts and designs. The desert relinquished these nuggets of positive energy in sizes ranging from 1/4" up to 2" long. This turquoise has great hardness, but is stabilized to protect the color for a lifetime. Their rich color and flat shapes make these Real Turquoise Flats a hard to find gemstone resource that we just can't do without!

The first two images are photographed wet to reveal the color without interference from dust, the last two are photographed dry. As you can see, there is only a slight difference in appearance when wet in these stabilized nuggets. They are ready to go! You will receive 1 pound of Turquoise. Number, color and size of stones in each lot varies!