Turquoise Beads High Grade Persian Rounded Nuggets 4-6mm 5078

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Stabilized Turquoise
Rounded Nuggets
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Per 18" Strand, approx. 77 beads

Turquoise Beads High Grade Persian Rounded Nuggets 4-6mm

Of all the Earth's gemstones and minerals, this uplifting color with its calming effect is unmatched. Super gemmy Persian Turquoise Nugget Beads with an intensely brilliant blue and a splash of golden caramel matrix. These beads have that hard to find color and clarity that has made Turquoise a favorite for thousands of years. These are as good as those worn by the Pharaohs! The natural nugget forms are between 4mm and 6mm wide by 6mm to 8mm long. They vary slightly and each bead is not exact, please allow for a 1mm variance in size smaller or larger. Clarity and color like this is highly sought after and will not last long. These are likely stabilized to protect the color from reactions to the environment. These Persian Turquoise Bead gemstones have the potential to become some of the finest Turquoise jewelry the world has yet to see.

Priced per 18" Strand, approximately 77 beads. Limited Availability in this color and clarity.