Sterling Silver Cheerleader Charm Bracelet Charm Pendant Necklace 1

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Sterling Silver
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Sterling Silver Cheerleader Charm Bracelet Charm Pendant Necklace.

This is truly a charming piece! This delightful Sterling Silver charm pendant features an exuberant cheerleader doing a running leap with her Pom Poms. Fine and precise, the masterfully designed details almost make her come to life. This lost wax cheerleader charm is made entirely from shimmering Sterling Silver and is of the highest quality. This charm will be a unique addition to any charm bracelet or necklace and will make a cute little pendant or pair of earrings as well. There are many possibilities, let your imagination guide you and you'll find something special for this quality piece. This charm is 1" long by about 5/8" wide and stamped .925.