Spiny Oyster Rondelle Beads 6mm Natural Shell 16" Strand 0007

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Natural Spiny Oyster
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Rondelle Beads
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Per 16" Strand

Spiny Oyster Rondelle Beads 6mm Natural Shell Beads

The natural orange hues of the Spiny Oyster shell illuminate these Spiny Oyster Rondelle Beads. Paired with Turquoise, these shell beads create a color scheme established by southwestern Native Americans centuries ago. Historically, they used several red-orange materials to pair up with Turquoise in beaded jewelry. Orange Argillite, pipestone, and shell just like this spiny oyster have been found with Turquoise at archaeological sites. They traded with peoples on the coast to obtain the shell. These are sold per strand & are about 16" long. Join the tradition of the southwest with Spiny Oyster Rondelle Beads in your beaded jewelry.

Priced per 16" strand.