Royston Turquoise Pillow Beads 9mm Wide 16 inch Strand 5032

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Royston Turquoise
Turquoise Type:
Stabilized Turquoise
Product Type:
9mm Pillow Beads
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Per 16" Strand

Royston Turquoise Pillow Beads 9mm Wide 16 inch Strand

Nicely rounded Royston Turquoise Pillow Beads strung corner to corner like a row of M&Ms with the coolest paint jobs ever. Bright greens blend into sky blues. The tan to golden brown Rhyolite motherstone that makes Royston so recognizable provides tons of character and color contrast. These stunning Turquoise pillows are 9mm x 9mm x 4.5mm. They are pretty consistent in size but please allow for an occasional 1mm variance from bead to bead. Over time oils and chemicals can change the color of Turquoise so these Turquoise beads are stabilized to preserve the color. These 16" strands of Royston Turquoise Beads are a rare opportunity in such a elegant cut, they may not last long!