Red Heishi Genuine Bamboo Coral Beads 3mm x 4mm 0280

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Bamboo Coral
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3mm x 4mm
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Per Strand

Red Heishi Genuine Bamboo Coral Beads 3mm x 4mm

The Deep reds in these Bamboo Coral Heishi bead strands have subtle variations that make a natural material like these the best choice. The polish is better too. The smooth, glassy finish makes these an eye catching accent in any design. This Coral Heishi is 3mm wide. Each bead is between 4mm and 5mm long. They look the same length at a glance but when you start measuring them they have small variations in size. A spark of rich brilliant red from these genuine Bamboo Coral Heishi Beads is all it takes to make something special.

Priced per Strand. Availability is limited, our Beaded Jewelry Artists use this same stock for their designs so it may not last long.