New Jade Serpentine Beads Semitransparent Curvy Discs 25mm 0062

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Size and Shape:
25mm round x 7mm thick Curvy Disc
Strand Size:
16 inch, about 16 beads
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Per Strand

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New Jade Serpentine Beads Semitransparent Curvy Discs 25mm

Semitransparent New Jade Serpentine Beads with smooth curved surfaces. Translucent serpentine is more rare and sought after because it looks more like jade, hence the term "new jade". These wavy discs have a nice color and the semitransparent stone illuminates nicely in the light, especially out in the sunlight. Serpentine is prized for channeling or freeing up the Kundalini energy, the coiled up divine energy at the base of our spine. For this reason, it is said to have many metaphysical healing properties which is a plus if your going to wear them as a necklace anyway! The curvy disc shapes are 25mm by 7mm thick. These New Jade Serpentine Beads are perfect for chunky stone necklaces and matching earrings.

Priced per 16" Strand, about 16 beads. Limited availability in the quality and shape. Don't miss out on these!