Navajo Pattern Bead Strip 5" Inch Length 0020

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Bead Strip
Seed Beads
5" long x 1" wide
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Navajo Pattern Bead Strip 5" Inch Length Sew or Glue

Rows of seed beads converge into a colorful Navajo pattern within these 5 inch Bead Strips. These are just like the bead strips used by Native American powwow dancers to decorate their regalia. The array of colors create gradients that seem to vibrate and glow. This design uses blue red orange and yellow on a white background. This strip is 5" inches long by 1" wide and the design is on both sides. Sew or glue. These Navajo Pattern Bead Strips add a traditional and colorful dimension to all kinds of crafts and apparel.

Sold Individually.