Natural Turquoise Beads Gemmy Kingman Arizona Nuggets 6mm x 8mm 5042

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Kingman, Arizona
Turquoise Type:
Natural Turquoise
Product Type:
6mm x 8mm Rounded Oval Nuggets
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18" Strand

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Natural Turquoise Beads Gemmy Kingman Arizona Nuggets 6mm x 8mm

Repeated round shapes vibrate with green-blue frequencies of positive energy. These Natural Turquoise Beads from Kingman, Arizona feature gemmy, high grade color with a touch of caramel colored matrix or mother stone. These rounded oval shapes flow and lay so nicely its hard to believe your actually wearing a bunch of rocks around your neck. They will fit in nicely into any beaded creations and pair nicely with other stones, silver beads and findings. They measure, on average, about 6mm wide by 8mm long. These beads have organic shapes and sizes so some beads are a little smaller, some a little larger and some rounder. Please allow for a 2mm size variance on a few beads along the strand. Sold on an 18" inch strand. These all natural beads are just tumbled, polished and drilled; not stabilized or treated in any way. Natural Turquoise Beads are always limited in availability and this color will be hard to match, get them while you can.

Priced per 18" Strand.