Natural Turquoise Beads Gemmy Blue Green Nuggets 5mm x 7mm 18" Strand 5023

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Sonoran Gold
Turquoise Type:
Natural Turquoise
Product Type:
5mm x 7mm Nuggets
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18" Strand

Natural Turquoise Beads Gemmy Blue Green Nuggets 5mm x 7mm 18" Strand

Turquoise has many forms and characteristics, but at core of the Turquoise spectrum there are certain things we visualize when we think of Turquoise and these Natural Turquoise Beads embody that essence of Turquoise. A gemmy nugget, aqua green to sky blue with rounded textures and dark crevices that spiderweb throughout. Each stone unique and full of character providing endless variation. These Turquoise nuggets are all natural and not treated or stabilized. They're about 5mm by 7mm on average, but each nugget is different so they vary in size depending on their organic nugget shapes. Please allow for a 1-2mm size variance in width or length on a few nuggets along the strand. Sold on an 18" strand. These Natural Turquoise Nugget Beads make timeless beaded jewelry that can be worn with pride.