Natural Spiny Oyster Rondelle Beads 4mm x 3mm 0021

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Natural Spiny Oyster Shell
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Rondelle Beads
4mm x 3mm
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Per 16" Strand

Natural Spiny Oyster Rondelle Beads 4mm x 3mm

These delicate 4mm Spiny Oyster Rondelle Beads are all natural but have been cut in a way to minimize and almost eliminate the natural pits and texture that is common in most Spiny Oyster beads. These Rondelles feature the classic red-orange, orange and white color mix. The contrasting tones and delicate Rondelle cut make an exceptional bead. These little Rondelles are 4mm x 3mm and have a very fine polish. Priced and sold per 16" strand. These stunning Spiny Oyster Rondelle Beads will have them leaning in to get a better look!

Priced per 16" strand. We have limited availability on this unique color and size.