Natural Persian Turquoise Heishi Thin Heishe Beads 6mm Wide 0003

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Natural Turquoise Heishi
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6mm wide
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Per 15" Strand

Natural Persian Turquoise Heishi Thin Heishe Beads 6mm Wide

Thin discs of Natural Turquoise Heishi in 6mm width for creating extra detail and precision in beaded jewelry designs. The blues in this natural Persian Turquoise are beyond high-grade and are literally outstanding, that is to say they will truly stand out! It's cut thin, almost like seed beads. The bright blue and slight variation in darkness within each bead provide the visual interest and variation that is desired from natural Turquoise. It's a visual delight but it also flows along the strand smoothly. These 15" strands are 1.5mm wide and each individual bead is between 1mm and 1.5mm thick. Carry on the Pueblo tradition with the exquisite precision of Natural Turquoise Heishi Beads.

Priced per Strand. Availability is limited, our Beaded Jewelry Artists use this same stock for their designs so it may not last long.