Large Turquoise Nugget 3.15 Pounds Turquoise Mountain Specimen 0073

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Turquoise Type:
Turquoise Mountain
Turquoise by State:
3.15 lb / 1428.8g
6-3/4" x 5-3/4" x 2-1/2"
Product Type:
Turquoise Mineral Specimen
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Large Turquoise Nugget 3.15 Pounds Turquoise Mountain Specimen

This large Turquoise Nugget weighs 3.15 pounds, but has a ton of potential! With its size and wow color, it is a gem cutters dream! The bright blues in this 3.15 Pound Turquoise Nugget are beyond bright, they have almost a neon quality because of the saturation and unique hue of sky blue on the far end of the visible color spectrum. It blows my mind to think of all the many matching cabs of all sizes that could be cut from this one large nugget! This one comes from Turquoise Mountain, a mine in Mohave County, Arizona, near the Kingman area. It's known for very high grade color and often a golden brown spiderwebbing matrix. The identifiable golden brown matrix is visible in the cross section on one side of this nugget and it seems that maybe half of this nugget will have spiderwebbing and the other half will be a cleaner blue with few inclusions. It strongly resembles a giant piece of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. The impressive size and quality would make an incredible work of carved gemstone art. Cabbers, don't let the carvers carve this one! Carvers, don't let the cutters cab this piece. Somebody will win this debate but who will it be? Oh, and collectors, you too could have a say in the fate of this grand specimen that will be one of the highlights of any collection. This Huge Arizona Turquoise Nugget is a full 3.15 pounds of Turquoise, stabilized to protect the color over time. It is 6-3/4" long x 5-3/4" wide and 2-1/2" thick at the thickest spot. It is photographed dry except for the fourth picture which is photographed wet to give an better idea of the color contained within.

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