Large Sliced Number 8 Turquoise Rough High Grade One Pound Lot 0036

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Turquoise Type:
Sliced Rough
Number 8, Nevada
4" to 6" long x 10mm thick
Product Type:
Stabilized Turquoise
Sold as:
1 Pound Lot

Large Sliced Number 8 Turquoise Rough High Grade One Pound Lot

Even solid blues fill these Number 8 Turquoise slabs like the high tide coming in over the rocks. Spiderweb patterns and nodules give way to large swaths of Turquoise. The color and patterns of Number 8 Turquoise have made it a favorite centerpiece in high end southwest and Native American jewelry. We use Number 8 Turquoise in some of our best jewelry designs, and we can't keep them in stock. This slabbed Turquoise has been grouped and graded based on the characteristic to give you the highest possible yield when cutting gemstones. However, these slabs would sure make great specimens and unique additions to mineral collections as well. Check out the last photo to see some slabs of stone we grabbed at random and polished to reveal the quality when finished. These polished samples were photographed dry, in the other pictures the stones are wet. The desert provided us with sizes ranging from 4" up to 6" long. The slabs are about 10mm thick on average. This turquoise has great hardness, but is stabilized to prevent reacting to the environment and preserve the color. You will receive 1 pound of Number 8 Turquoise Slabbed Rough from the group pictured. Each 1 pound lot is different and the number and size of stones will vary.