Large Freshwater Pearls 9-11mm Organic Round Oval 0205

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Feashwater Pearls
Product Type:
Iridescent White, Rainbow Pastels
9mm to 11mm wide
Sold as:
16" Strand

Large Freshwater Pearls 9-11mm Organic Round Oval

With their iridescent glow, these Large Freshwater Pearls flash rainbow pastels as they catch the light. The free form shapes add a natural touch and make each bead different from the next. These sensational strands feature gorgeous free form shapes between 9mm and 10mm wide. Most are slightly longer then they are wide and drilled along the long side. These are free form Pearl Beads Strands, so measurements will vary, see the photos to get a good idea of the variation to expect. Their prismatic glow will look great on your beaded necklaces the glow of Freshwater Pearls lasts a lifetime!

Priced per 16" Strand.