High Grade Turquoise Nuggets and Lapidary Slices Even Size 1 Pound 0034

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Vintage Turquoise
Turquoise Type:
Nuggets and Lapidary Tiles
Arizona, Nevada
1 Pound
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1 Pound Lot

High Grade Turquoise Nuggets and Lapidary Slices Even Size 1 Pound

High grade Turquoise Nuggets and Lapidary slices with tons of personality... well 1 pound of personality to be exact! This bag includes Turquoise from all over the southwest including but not limited to Sleeping Beauty, Kingman, Bisbee, Bisbee II, Number 8, Candelaria, and Landers. Why wouldn't we pull out all the Bisbee? The disorganized lapidarist mixed it all together while cutting and we can't say for sure what's what. A vibrant mix of quality color and character, both natural and stabilized, rough nuggets and lapidary slices. This lot has even sizes the majority of which are between 1/2" and 3/4" so these chunks are very workable and can be used as inlay tiles or hewn into cabs. There are pieces from 8mm up to 26mm long. This is the by product of stone cutting so there is a small amount smaller chips and fragments, but not much. Please check the photos closely to get an idea of size variation. A rare find with great color and character. You will receive the entire 1 pound lot of Turquoise pictured (456.75g). These Turquoise Nuggets and Lapidary Slices are the quality raw material that produces quality results in your jewelry and artwork.