High Grade Turquoise Lapidary Rough Gemmy Arizona Sky Blue 1 Pound 0062

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Arizona Turquoise
Turquoise Type:
Lapidary Rough
Sleeping Beauty, Kingman
1 Pound
Size Range:
1/4" to 1-1/2" length
Sold as:
1 pound lot

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High Grade Turquoise Lapidary Rough Sky Blue Arizona Gemmy 1 Pound

Gemmy, clean sky blues with few inclusions fill this entire pound of High Grade Arizona Turquoise Lapidary rough. This color and character are the hallmark of high grade Arizona Turquoise from Sleeping Beauty and Kingman. These tiles have good workable sizes for lapidary or cabbing. The majority of this lot falls within the 1/4" inch to 1-1/2" inch sizes but there are some smaller pieces and some larger. There is a small amount of little chips and fragments that settle to the bottom but not much. Natural Turquoise and stabilized Turquoise in the mix. You will receive the exact one pound lot of Arizona Turquoise Lapidary Rough pictured.