High Grade Turquoise Beads Natural Campitos Nuggets 12mm to 18mm 5195

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Campitos Mountain
Turquoise Type:
Natural Turquoise
Product Type:
Large Nugget Beads

Untreated High Grade Turquoise Beads Natural Campitos Nuggets Large 12mm to 18mm

Priced per strand, get them while supplies last.

This lot of high grade Untreated Turquoise Beads is something special. Deep blues and golden pyrite crystals make each bead of this Campitos Turquoise a natural work of art. It's hard to stop looking at these, it's like there's a story in each bead. These were tumbled and polished in a way that preserved the large chunks of pyrite which adds so much character to these mineral specimens. This is all natural Turquoise, not treated or stabilized. A good starting point for the size of these large nugget beads is 12mm x 18mm but they vary somewhat depending on their nugget shapes. Some are smaller at 10mm x 14mm, and some are up to 15mm x 24mm. These High Grade Turquoise Beads will add so much interest and uniqueness to your jewelry designs. There is limited availability on these and they will be hard to match when they're gone so don't miss out!