Genuine Turquoise Lapidary Slices Inlay Chips 162.1g 0032

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Vintage Turquoise
Turquoise Type:
Lapidary Slices and Chips
Sleeping Beauty, Kingman, Arizona
162.1 grams
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The whole bag together in one lot

Genuine Turquoise Lapidary Slices Inlay Chips 162.1g

Genuine Turquoise lapidary pieces and chips with great color from a jeweler's collection. This mix includes natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Kingman, and more, grouped based on the blue color. There are lots of workable sizes for inlay and chip inlay and a nice mix of colors and characteristics like spiderweb matrix or Birdseye turquoise patterns. These are the scrap from cabbing or cutting tiles for inlay and the sizes range from an inch or better down to chips. Most are pretty thin, some are thick enough to make cabs. A rare find with a high grade color and character. Some look to be stabilized but there is natural Turquoise in the mix. You will receive the entire lot of Turquoise pictured, all 162.1 grams, about 5.7 ounces. Whatever the project or art, get real nice results with this real Turquoise Lapidary Rough.