Genuine Old Searchlight Nevada Turquoise Quality Nuggets 1 pound lots

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Searchlight Nevada Turquoise Nuggets

This Wholesale Lot features 1 pound of genuine Searchlight Turquoise nuggets. This mix of stabilized Turquoise is from various mines and features a range of colors from sky-blue to deep green. Most of this material is tumbled into uniform nuggets, perfect for creating any kind of hand made jewelry. These brilliant Turquoise stones are great for drilling into beads for stringing chokers and necklaces, and could easily be made into small cabochons for setting into jewelry. It's a jewelry maker's dream. The possibilities are endless, let your imagination guide you and you'll find something perfect for this quality material! These nuggets range in size from 1/2" to 1-1/2" with varying thicknesses and profiles. You will be getting 1 pound from the material pictured below.

Located in Clark County, the Searchlight turquoise mine was worked for many years by Native Americans long before Europeans arrived. Commercial mining began sometime in the 1890's. Currently there is very little Searchlight being mined these days.