Genuine Natural Emerald Stone Faceted 10.08 Carat Dendritic Oval 0040

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Genuine Natural Emerald

This Genuine Natural Emerald Stone is 10.08 carats and display gorgeous soft, green color with dendritic branches! This beautiful gemstone comes from the beryl family and is the rarest of the colored gemstones. It's Mays' birthstone and is the official stone of 55th anniversaries; it also honors the qualities of loyalty and love. It comes with an Earth Mined Gemstone Testing Lab identification card. It's 5/8" long, 7/16" wide and about 3/8" tall. We priced this at about $50 per carat, and ladies and gents, that's less than the cost of cutting it. This one of a kind, Genuine Natural Emerald Stone would be spectacular in your mounting!