Carved Bone Feather Pendant Dangle 2-3/4" Inch Long 2454

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2-3/4" long x 7/8" wide
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Carved Bone Feather Pendant 2-3/4" inches

These Carved Bone Feather Pendants have smooth edges and a fine polish, they are soft and shiny like those white dominoes with nice carved details. In this design, the hole for stringing crosses through from the side. A solid piece that would make a great addition to necklaces. They would make a great pendant on their own, a piece of string through the 2mm stringing hole is all it would take. These are also great dangles on leather items and crafts of all kinds. This bone feather is 2-3/4" long by about 7/8" wide and 1/4 thick. Please allow for a 1/16th of an inch variance in the sizes given. Sold individually. These Carved Bone Feather Pendants are as satisfying to hold as they are to look at.

Natural materials vary in color and size. Please expect some variations. Sold Individually, the photo is demonstrating the front and the back.