Blue Green Turquoise Rondelle Beads 9mm 5127

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9mm wide x 4mm thick Rondelle
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Genuine Turquoise Rondelle Beads 9mm x 4mm

As you look at these Turquoise Rondelle Beads up close bead by the bead the mix of blue greens and subtle inclusions is captivating. It's a shame most folks wont get to enjoy them up close when they're around your neck. Carved from some of the best Turquoise Mother Earth has to offer. They are 9mm wide by 4mm thick, just a little smaller than a M&M but just as delicious in appearance. Like most Turquoise beads, these are stabilized to prevent change in the high quality color over time. These Turquoise Rondelle Beads will elevate your beaded jewelry to the 'gotta have it' realm.

Priced per 16" strand, limited availability, don't miss out.