Blue Green Turquoise Heishi Beads 3mm 0041

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Turquoise Type:
Real Turquoise
Heishi Beads
Product Type:
3mm Heishi
Sold as:
Per 16" Strand

Blue Green Turquoise Heishi Beads 3mm

These perfectly cut and polished deep Blue Green Turquoise Heishi Beads fit together so smooth they're slithery like a snake but not as scary. There are pit vipers with a similar rich blue-green color that are quite beautiful, but they're deadly. The color is very clear and even with minimal inclusions. These have an intricate 3mm width which makes them the perfect choice for detailed designs in earrings, necklaces or tennis bracelets. Like almost all Turquoise beads, these are stabilized to prevent change in the high grade color over time. This genuine Blue Green Turquoise Heishi will give your beaded jewelry a soft intricate appearance full of positive energy.

Priced per 16" Strand.