11mm by 22mm to 14mm by 60mm Meteor Tektite Beads 16 inch Long Strand

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11mm by 22mm to 14mm by 60mm Meteor Tektite Beads 16 inch Long Strand.

This is perfect for all of you jewelry crafters and astronomers out there. This is a strand of genuine Tektite beads. Tektite is a glass that forms when a meteroite impacts the surface of the earth. The heat that goes with passing through our atmosphere coupled with the immediate cooling from our winds creates the Tektite on the site of the impact. These beads range in size from 11mm by 22mm to 14mm by 60mm. These are free form slivers so the measurements may slightly vary. This Tektite is very strong and hard to break. It is a 16" long strand.

Beads were among the first things Pioneer Smiths made, beating them from old coins. At the turn of the century beads were a symbol of fashion and status, which continues today. How could we ever live without our accessories? It's the little things in life that sometimes give us the most pleasure. Man, from the earliest times, has considered the adornment of his person to be as necessary as food and shelter.