10mm Natural Moss Agate Beads 16 inch Strand 0050

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Real Agate
Also known as:
Moss Agate
Stone Type:
10mm wide x 4.5mm thick
Round Flat (M&M)
Sold as:
Per 16" Strand Approx. 39 Beads

10mm Natural Moss Agate Beads 16 inch Strand

These Moss Agate Beads are made from very high grade natural Agate with unique and calming shades of green-blue. Imagine the color schemes that one could create with these! Like miniature aquariums, each bead contains its own little environment similar to a pond or some forest world from Star Wars. The 10mm beads are shaped like M&Ms with the hole going through the flat edge. These would make a great beaded necklace on their own. They'd even do well on tennis bracelets. Sold per 16" inch strand, which holds approximately 39 genuine agate beads.

In ancient Persia, magicians believed Agate had the power to cast away storms. The people of ancient civilizations placed a special importance on Agate. Agate was used as a talisman, it was believed to quench thirst and it was believed to provide a cure for fevers. Bowls made from Agate were popular items in the Byzantine Empire and they were collected by the wealthy European royalty during the Renaissance.